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Boundaries 101 for Lyme Patients (pdf file)

When chronic Lyme disease patients are diagnosed, they enter a different world. The lack of understanding of the complexities of this illness outside of the Lyme community makes it important for patients and families with Lyme disease to establish boundaries, to set limits with those around them who do not understand what they are going through, to protect their time and energy, and to get the support they need. Here I discuss the boundary issues, and offer strategy for dealing with these issues when they come up.

Kids and Lyme Disease: How It Affects Their Learning (pdf file)

Lyme disease can have a profound affect on a child’s ability to learn. This article discusses the complexity of the problems that children with chronic Lyme face in the school environment and what can be done to support them.

Tick-Borne Disease in Children and Adolescents:
A Medical Illness/A Multidisciplinary “Cure”
(pdf file)

Lyme is a complex illness that, when chronic, often effects the brain, causing impairments in mood, cognition and attention. An integrated, or team approach to treating Lyme patients can provide help, support, and solutions to problems generated by the illness, beyond the medical treatment itself.

Reflections on Lyme Disease in the Family (pdf file)

Lyme disease in a child or adolescent can have a profound effect on a family. This article touches on some of the issues that face parents and offers parenting strategies to help ease the journey.

Lyme Disease Screening Protocol (pdf file)

This is a simple screening tool designed to help mental health practitioners determine whether Lyme disease could be an underlying cause of presenting problems among children or adolescents. My hope is that by using this tool, more cases of Lyme disease may be recognized by mental health practitioners, resulting in earlier medical diagnosis and the need for less complex and lengthy treatment. If a tick-borne illness is present, comprehensive medical treatment can lead to more successful resolution of mental health problems, as well.

Identifying Lyme Disease in the Schools (pdf file)

Education regarding Lyme disease is an important service we can provide to our schools. This handout can help teachers, nurses and guidance counselors identify children who may have Lyme, leading to early diagnosis and treatment. Since Lyme disease can have a profound impact on a child’s ability to learn, school professionals have a different view of the child than the parents or pediatrician might.